Gérondif seulement comme objet du verbe en anglais

Infinitif ou Gérondif ?

Objet gérondif

Nous savons qu'en anglais, l'infinitif (to swim) et le gérondif (swimming) ont le droit de se placer après le verbe en tant qu'objet.

Mais, il existe des verbes qui vont accepter seulement un objet gérondif. Parmi eux on retrouve : Admit, avoid, consider, carry on, deny, dislike, enjoy, fancy, finish, give up, can’t help, imagine, it involves, keep, keep on, mind, postpone, practise, put off(remettre à plus tard), suggest..

Donc il ne faut pas employer l'infinitif après ces verbes-là.


Admit, Avoid (éviter)

  • He admitted stealing mobile phones
  • He had gone to great lengths to avoid being identified. (il a tout fait pour...)
  • Can't face (être incapable)

  • They can't face looking out the window at the same old view.
  • Can't help (je n'y peux rien, c'est plus fort que moi, selon contexte)

  • I can't help smiling everytime I hear this word.
  • Can't resist (ne pas pouvoir resister à l'envie de... )

  • He couldn't resist taking a snapshot. (prendre une photo)
  • Carry on (continuer)

  • I didn't exactly plan to carry on working.
  • Consider (envisager)

  • You can consider investing in automatique watering system with a timer.
  • Deny (refuser ou nier d'avoir faire qqch)

  • He has denied talking about the drugs issue.
  • Dislike (ne pas aimer)

  • He dislike being crammed into a building with so many other people.
  • Enjoy (aimer)

  • They enjoy reading.
  • Fancy (avoir envie de)

  • I fancy going to the cinema
  • Finish

  • By the time you finish reading this it will all have changed.
  • Give up

  • i've given up smoking
  • Imagine (s'imaginer)

  • Imagine doing it in mid winter.
  • Involve (Impliquer)

  • That will involve everyday training.
  • Justify

  • It did not justify killing innocent people.
  • Keep ou Keep on (continuer)

  • why does he keep lying
  • He keeps on telling her that he's still the same person.
  • Postpone (remettre à plus tard)

  • Germany opted to postpone opening its labour market to workers from Slovenia.
  • Practise

  • You can practise drawing shapes on square grid paper
  • Put off

  • I put off doing my work because of the fear.
  • Suggest (Proposer)

  • They suggest keeping the conversation natural.
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